Odyssey Fab GR Supra Downpipe MKV A90

$599.95 $499.95


The Odyssey Fab GR Supra Downpipe is now available! We partnered up with Odyssey Fab to provide a high flow downpipe to improve the A90 Supra's sound and performance. The downpipe includes a new V-band Clamp for an easy installation.

This product is proudly made in the USA, and available exclusively through Induction Performance.

Initial testing with our prototype downpipe and custom calibration on our A90 Supra has been nothing short of seriously impressive! 

Gains are achieved everywhere throughout the powerband with an astounding jump of +165 wheel horsepower and +171 ft/lbs of torque at our new max numbers of 474 whp and 514 ft/lbs! Peak gains were +150 whp / +149 ft/lbs!

These results are from a downpipe, a little race fuel and our custom tuning accomplished alongside ProTuning Freaks. 

This product is for off-road / racing use only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles. Not CARB compliant.