NEW: Fast Release Race Style IGN-1A / IGN1A Coil Bracket and Hardware for Toyota 2JZ / 1JZ

$303.05 – $411.05

Yes - Black (+$50)
All Covers Except VVTi OEM 2JZ-GE
VVTi OEM 2JZ-GE (Includes Oil Cap)
$319.00 $303.05
SKU: IP470.015.IPC-FRB

NEW: Fast Release Race Style IGN-1A / IGN1A Coil Bracket and Hardware for Toyota 2JZ

Quick wasn't quick enough! Introducing the all new Induction Performance FAST Release bracket for IGN1A coils, making it faster than ever before to remove the coils and access the spark plugs.

PLUS, this new revision works with every single valve cover combination for a 2JZ!

That's right. The same bracket will work on 2JZ-GTE stock covers, 2JZ-GE stock covers, 2JZ-GTE VVTi stock covers, 2JZ-GE VVTi stock covers, and all known aftermarket valve cover options for either cylinder head including Hypertune, Plazmaman, PHR, and more!

If you drag race, drift, or use your 2JZ in any competitive environment you will be thankful for the lightning fast access to check or change your plugs. One button and done!

The height adjustable front and rear brackets make adjustment a breeze. Set the bracket to your desired height and go. Never before has one bracket met the needs of all potential JZ cylinder head and valve cover combinations. No guess work. We've done the testing for you. It fits and it's spectacular!

We have also confirmed fitment on Lexus IS300 with OEM valve covers and Nissan 240SX (S14). Note that your engine mounts for the S14 may differ so always check your vertical clearance after install.

Hardware for mounting the bracket and hardware for mounting coils to the bracket is included with every purchase. Just choose your desired color for the quick release hardware.

IMPORTANT: Please select your style of valve covers. Oil cap is included with OEM 2JZ-GE VVTi covers to achieve lowest mounting position without interference. All other covers do not require use of oil cap. If you desire an oil cap for use with other OEM style covers, it can be purchased separately here.

NOTE: This listing is for the Induction Performance IGN1A coil bracket by itself. Coils are not included. For other individual items or the full kit, please see the links below.