Braille B168LC - Super 16 Volt "Drag Race Spec" Lithium Battery & 25 Amp Rapid Charger Combo

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Braille B168LC - Super 16 Volt "Drag Race Spec" Lithium Battery & 25 Amp Rapid Charger Combo

Part # B168LC

**CJRC Battery Bracket Sold Separately, Available in Drop Down Menu**

The Braille B168L "Drag Race Spec" lithium battery is only 8 pounds and puts out over 2300 cranking amps.  It is capable of starting the 900+ cubic inch motors while running pumps, fans, nitrous solenoids, ignition system, data logging, etc. for a run and typical recharge time is about 10-15 minutes with the 16v 25 amp lithium charger that comes in the combo.  This battery has been in use in thousands of Pro Mod, Top Sportsman and other drag cars for a decade with a failure rate of less than 1/2 of 1% annually (those usually linked to abuse, improper maintenance, etc.)  The current B168L has double the cranking power of the Gen 1 batteries made 7+ years ago and most of those are still in use today. 

Braille’s exclusive 16 volt Lithium technology offers more starting performance and stable voltages per pound than any option available on the market. Sealed Safe Design in popular sizes that are mountable in any position contain Ultra-Lightweight Lithium-Ion Chemistries Hand Selected and Built by a Braille Factory Technician in the USA. High Current Interconnects, Proprietary Sine-Wave Balancing and High Amp Brass Terminals are just some of the Exotic Technologies for Professionals and Enthusiast that Demand the Best. 

*Marine Sealing is available and required for batteries used in marine or other applications where unit may be exposed to water directly (light mist or spray), as lithium batteries are not intended to be exposed to any water unless marine sealed, which makes the more water resistance, but not “waterproof”.  (additional cost, varies by lithium model)

** PbEq equals Lead-Acid Equivalent also known as LAH Lithium-Amp-Hours. This means that a 72 LAH PbEq (24AH) Lithium Iron Phosphate battery could perform the same near as a 72 AH Lead-acid battery under a high rate discharge in comparison.

   Physical Specs
BCI Group 1/2 Group 34

Width  3.15" / 83mm
Weight 8.8lbs / 3.99kg Height  6.15" / 156mm

10" / 254mm
Polarity  Left Side Positive


   Performance Specs

Full Voltage Charge  18-18.2
Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA) 2325 Amp Hour (AH)   22
Lithium Amp Hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent 66

Life Cycle @ 10% DOD