Induction Performance Stage 3 Toyota 2JZ Short Block

$13,999.00 – $15,249.00

SKU: IP510.015.110.STG3.86

Induction Performance Stage 3 Toyota 2JZ Short Block

With the search for more power proving to be a never ending quest and with reputable machine shops hard to come by when it comes to building reliable and high horsepower 2JZs, we here at Induction Performance have decided to bring our engine program to the masses.

In conjunction with our partners at Diamond Racing and Fast Forward Race Engines, we have devised three stages of engine builds designed for every budget and horsepower goal. From mild to “shooting for the moon,” we have you covered!

Our Stage 3 block is built with the absolute best parts money can buy including our new ‘Max Effort’ Diamond Racing HD piston and choice of either the Manley Tri-Beam connecting rod with ARP CA625+ bolt upgrade or R&R Solid Beam Aluminum connecting rod with ARP L19 bolt upgrade. Combined with a billet Brian Crower crankshaft in your choice of stroke and ARP CA625+ main studs, this block will take most anything you throw at it.


- Induction Performance spec Diamond Racing HD / Max Effort pistons with .250" wall, 2.500" length wrist pins and Total Seal Advanced Profile rings
- Manley Turbo Tuff Tri-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP CA625+ Bolts or R&R Solid Beam Aluminum Rods with ARP L19 Bolts
- Brian Crower Billet Crankshaft (Your Choice of Stroke)
- Induction Performance Billet Main Caps
- ARP L19 Main Studs
- ACL Race Rod, Main and Thrust Bearings
- Includes all machine work and assembly


- Machine for 1/2" head studs: $485
- Pour block for reinforcement: $375
- Stroke clearance: $380


- TP-1 Series (heat treated and DLC coated) .225" pin upgrade: $840 
- DLC Coating for wrist pins: $400 
- Vertical gas ports (in addition to lateral): $125 
- Vertical gas ports (instead of lateral): FREE
- Aluminum R&R connecting rods with L19 bolt upgrade : FREE


- Core block and crank: $1,250


- If you are providing a core block and crank up front, then you do not have to pay the core fee. We accept GTE and GE blocks as cores. Cores should be sent stripped bare to just the block casting and crankshaft. Cores that have been previously bored will not be accepted. Cores with damaged crankshafts will receive 50% credit. We can help arrange shipping for your core if necessary. If you wish to send your core back after receiving your built engine, then you will pay the core fee up front and it will be refunded once your core is received and inspected.

- We will contact you after ordering to arrange freight shipping to you. Additional cost applies for freight.