Induction Performance Stage 2 2JZ Short Block


SKU: IP510.015.110.STG2

If you are planning a build that should make upwards of 1,000 wheel horsepower or a large amount of torque in the lower RPM range, then the Stage 2 block would be recommended. The Stage 2 block includes all of the quality components from our Stage 1 block, however the connecting rods are upgraded to the venerable Manley Turbo Tuff Tri-Beam rod with ARP Custom Age 625+ bolts and the block is strengthened further by the addition of billet main caps. These ingredients combine to make a virtually bulletproof bottom end that doesn’t break the bank.


- Induction Performance-spec Diamond Racing pistons with upgraded tool steel H13 .225" wall wrist pins and Total Seal proprietary Advanced Profile ring set
- Manley Turbo Tuff Tri-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP CA625+ Bolts
- Billet Main Caps
- ARP Main Studs
- ACL Race Rod, Main and Thrust Bearings
- Includes all machine work and assembly


- Machine for 1/2" head studs: $485
- Pour block for reinforcement: $375
- Stroke clearance: $380


- TP-1 Series (heat treated and DLC coated) .225" pin upgrade: $840
- Crown coating for Diamond Pistons: $219 
- DLC Coating for wrist pins: $300
- Vertical gas ports (in addition to lateral): $125
- Vertical gas ports (instead of lateral): FREE
- Aluminum R&R connecting rods with L19 bolt upgrade : FREE
- Brian Crower Billet Crankshaft with Oil Gear (Choice of 86mm, 90mm* or 94mm stroke): $4,100
- Brian Crower Billet Lightweight Crankshaft with Oil Gear (Choice of 86mm, 90mm* or 94mm stroke): $4,500

* 90mm crank can only be used with aluminum rods.


- New OEM core block and crank: $4,500
- Used core block and crank: $1,000