Induction Performance HD / MAX EFFORT Toyota 2JZ Forged Pistons by Diamond Racing - 86mm Bore - 90mm Stroke 3.2L

$1,599.00 – $2,699.00

H13 Tool Steel
TP-1 Series
No (Steel Rods)
Yes (Aluminum Rods)
SKU: IP530.015.110.HD.86.90-9

Now available: New HD / MAX EFFORT pistons from Induction Performance and Diamond Racing!

BORE: 86mm

STROKE: 90mm (3.2L)

An evolution of our excellent standard forged line of 2JZ pistons, the new HD / MAX EFFORT series is designed for the hardcore, big power builds and features many upgrades over our traditional piston.

  • Robust full round forging design, for maximum strength
  • Increased Top and 2nd ring land thickness designed to support the ring package under extreme boost applications
  • Vertical gas ports for maximum ring seal
  • 2.500" length wrist pin and pin buttons to provide optimal load support from increases in cylinder pressure at maximum boost levels
  • Ceramic coating is applied to the piston crown to minimize the amount of heat that enters the piston crown and top ring
  • Moly coating is applied to the skirts to free up friction, and prevent scuffing during start up
  • H-13 .250" Wall Trend Pins supplied with piston kit
  • TP-1 Series wrist pin available as an upgrade (read below for more info on TP-1 pins)
  • Piston, ring, and pin package rated for 2000+HP
  • Pistons designed to work with either steel or aluminum connecting rods (pin buttons added for aluminum rods)

We can offer these pistons in any compression ratio and bore size desired, and we try to have the most common combinations on the shelf ready to go. Custom orders are a breeze as well, with turnarounds averaging roughly three to five weeks. Contact us directly for any custom inquiries! 

Trend’s TP-1 Series pin -- available as an upgrade for these pistons -- is a proprietary material designed to be superior over all other wrist pin materials available. The TP-1 pin has the toughness of a maraging steel and the hardness, compressive strength, and the surface qualities of M2 tool steel. TP-1 pin is heat-treated to a through-hardness of Rc60. The TP-1 pin is choice of many top NHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock teams.