XS Power S975 - 12v Lightweight AGM Battery


SKU: S975

XS Power S975 - 12v Lightweight AGM Battery

This is a great option for Supra owners relocating the battery to the rear of the vehicle. It does not require a sealed box, simplifying the mounting process and allowing the battery to be hidden out of sight.


12V AGM Starting Battery, Max Amps 2100 CA: 604A. Ah: 43
Weight Lbs. – 28.32
Weight Kgs. – 12.85

Length – 7.83 in
Height – 6.68 in
Width – 5.3 in

MAX Amps – 2100
CA – 604A
Ah – 43
RC – 72 min.

586 and M6 Terminal Hardware Included

3 Year Warranty

Protective metal case available.

Great for Stock, Super Stock, Comp. Eliminator, Bracket, Outlaw 8.5 and Outlaw Grudge!