ECUMaster WHP MAP Sensor, 1/8" NPT



WHP MAP SENSORS are ideally suited for high boost MAP sensor applications or exhaust manifold absolute pressure measurement.

WHP MAP sensors are the perfect companion to any ECU. WHP sensors are built to custom specifications in an ISO9001 Certified facility. The latest developments in sensor technology are used to create an extremely compact sensor, easing installation in cramped engine bays and chassis. All sensors are compensated for temperature over a broad range and accurately measure pressure within .5%. Sensor bodies are crafted from 304 Stainless Steel and feature CNC cut threads and wrench flats for reliable sealing and trouble-free installation. Each sensor is packaged with a Delphi connector kit, installation instructions, and a tube of thread sealing compound.

1/8 NPT Threads

Pressure Ranges

  • WHP35M: 0-3.5 Bar Absolute Pressure (0-50 PSIA, Up to 35 PSI of boost pressure)
  • WHP4M: 0-4 Bar Absolute Pressure (0-58 PSIA, Up to 45 PSI of boost pressure)
  • WHP5M: 0-5 Bar Absolute Pressure (0-72 PSIA, Up to 58 PSI of boost pressure)
  • WHP7M: 0-7 Bar Absolute Pressure (0-100 PSIA, Up to 87 PSI of boost pressure)