Titan Motorsports Adjustable Sway Bar for Toyota Supra



These bars weigh 15 pounds for both of them. They are made of chromoly with only the newest technology available.

Adjusting your anti-roll bars: Inside hole = Full stiff Outside hole = Full soft

It's recommended that you start out with the front bar set to full stiff and the rear bar set to full soft. It's better to progressively step up to greater rear stiffness rather than getting too eager. Oversteer can be fun, but it can also be dangerous and expensive - especially on the street where you don't have a lot of run-off.

The Front Bar specs are as follows (note these #'s are measured by the stiffness of the existing TRD sway bars that you can get from TRD)

Front Sway Bar (2 way adjustable)

Light Setting 8% stiffer than TRD 498.9 lbs/in

Heavy Setting 27% stiffer than TRD 584 lbs/in

Rear Sway Bar (3 way adjustable)

Light 18% softer than TRD 367 lbs/in

Medium 6% Stiffer than TRD 458 lbs/in

Heavy 35% Stiffer than TRD 588 lbs/in