Tein 93-98 Toyota Supra JZA80L Mono Flex Coilovers


$1,871.50 $1,970.00


Tein 93-98 Toyota Supra JZA80L Mono Flex Coilovers 

TEIN MonoFlex Dampers - The Next Level of Performance Coilovers
Newly designed and developed for those core drivers seeking the ultimate in street and track performance. Best suited for those drivers whose priority is a high grip level for touge, circuit, and other tarmac driving. Offers both direct feel and a high level of tune-ability that will satisfy the needs of aggressive street and track use. Developed to be used with High Performance Tires. Mono FLEX was tested with high grip tires and/ or larger diameter wheels in mind, and are recommended to bring out the full potential of this aggressive suspension system.

* Mono-tube internal damper design
* Full-length ride height adjustment system
* 16-level damping force adjustment feature (combined comp./rebound adjustment)
* Newly developed M.S.V. (Micro Speed Valve)
* EDFC compatible for easy in-car damping force adjustment!


Notes: Mono Flex Damper; For EDFC use EDK05-12120 (Motor)
Manufacturer: TEIN 
Ride Height Adj Range (F): 0.7~-3.1in (18~-78mm)
Uppermount: PillowballUppermount
Ride Height Adj Range (R): 0.8~-2.1in (20~-53.9mm)
Spring Rate (F): 895lbs/in (16kgf/mm)
Spring Rate (R): 504lbs/in (9kgf/mm)