Tein 93-98 Supra Flex Coilovers


$1,577.00 $1,660.00


TEIN Type FLEX damper kit was designed to provide driving comfort and sports performance with its full-length adjustment system. We have incorporated separate height and preload adjustments, which allows you to have various set-ups to meet different road conditions. The FLEX Damper kit includes pillow ball upper mounts and is compatible with the EDFC, for maximum performance for the streets.

* Full-length adjustment and height adjustment for separate setting of the height and spring preload
* 16 levels of damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together)
* Teflon coating for rust prevention
* Newly designed spring seat and spring seat lock for easy height adjusting
* Pillow ball upper mounts are included
* Compatible with EDFC
* Available for overhaul

Notes: Type FLEX Damper; For EDFC use EDK05-12120 (Motor)
Manufacturer: TEIN 
Ride Height Adj Range (F): 1.1~-3.7in (29~-94.8mm)
Spring Rate (F): 783lbs/in (14kgf/mm)
Ride Height Adj Range (R): 0.6~-2.6in (16~-65.5mm)
Spring Rate (R): 448lbs/in (8kgf/mm)
Uppermount: PillowballUppermount

Tein 93-98 Supra / 92-00 SC300/400 Flex Coilovers