TBM Brakes 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Front Drag Brake Kit - 001-0292-1


SKU: 001-0292-1

TBM Brakes 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Front Drag Brake Kit - 001-0292-1

It's here! The IP / TBM Brakes drag brake kit for the MKIV Supra brings high quality and extreme weight loss to those seeking the pinnacle of performance.

Featuring TBM's F3 four-piston calipers and outstanding 11.75"x.375" Revolution rotors, custom rotor hats and brackets, plus all installation hardware required to install, the IP / TBM drag brake kit is engineered to help you win more races without sacrificing stopping power.

The IP / TBM drag brake kit weighs in at an astonishing 11.3 pounds per side in the rear and the front is even lighter at 10.4 pounds per side. The OEM Toyota NA rear components tip the scales at 20.2 pounds per side, and a StopTech four-piston front big brake kit comes in at 29.5 pounds per side. Combined with the 10.8 pounds of e-brake components that are removed, total weight savings when swapping from the StopTech / NA combo to the IP / TBM combo is 66.8 pounds!

The “Revolution Rotors”, because of the proprietary way they are manufactured, have the capability to withstand incredible abuse without cracking, warping or failing.  They will withstand far more thermal input without failure than many heavier rotors.  Because of the far lighter weight, they offer a major improvement in acceleration and deceleration resulting in major time improvements.  They are low cost, high value components, that when combined with an efficient “Zero Drag” caliper, such as ours, will improve your performance for far less expense than adding horsepower.

There is absolutely no other single thickness rotor on the market that has the characteristics, performance, and durability of the TBM Revolution lightweight drag race rotor. By design it is intended to be the strongest rotor around while staying flat through its life cycle. Believe it or not the scalloped revolution design that TBM invented is not as much for weight savings as it is for heat control. By creating this design we are able to manage heat across the entire inner diameter and outer diameter surface in order to control heat to reduce and nearly eliminate any chance of warping. But do we sacrifice stopping with this design? The answer is no, there is no loss of brake torque or clamping force area in lieu of this design, in fact our stopping power is increased over the competition thanks to our unique and sturdy caliper design.

Note: E-Brake removal is required. This brake kit allows for use of 15" wheels

  • (1) F3 Caliper 1.75" Diameter Stainless Steel Piston
  • (1) F3 Caliper 1.75" Diameter Stainless Steel Piston
  • (2) Revolution Rotors - 11.75/0.375
  • (2) F3 to MKIV Supra 11.75" Rotor Front Caliper Bracket
  • (2) Rotor Hat
  • (1) Hardware Kit
  • (1) F3 Brake Pads (full set)
  • (2) Rotor Bolt Kit

We recommend using TBM DOT 5.1 Extreme 6 Brake Fluid for all TBM Brake Kits. You'll need at least 4 (12 oz) bottles of fluid when building and plumbing a new system that is empty. 

*Please use red loctite on all rotor bolts*