T1 Race and Development - GT1R Secondary Injection Harness for Nissan GTR R35 VR38

$435.00 – $610.00

12 Injectors
18 Injectors (+$175)
Denso (ID2000)
USCAR (ID1050x - ID1300x - ID1700x - ID2600x)
SKU: GT1R M1 Secondary Injection Harness, 6 Inj.-1

T1 Race and Development - GT1R Secondary Injection Harness for Nissan GTR R35 VR38

From design, to materials, to technique, you won’t find a better secondary injection harness for the R35 GTR.

Manufacturer Description

Our secondary injection harness can be used with any ecu when converting from 6 injectors to 12 or 18, this includes MoTeC, Syvecs, Pro EFI, etc. This loom will drive the secondary injectors mounted in the upper intake manifold.

The harness is constructed using top quality materials and techniques. We contract Race Spec to build these, as we do all our wire harnesses. The system consists of 3 sections built with M22759/32-20 (MIL Spec tefzel wire) and covered in Raychem DR25 heat shrink. We use 3 sections for serviceability and an easy installation.

First off, you’ll term the first section at your ECU. You’ll be left with a loom coming off your ecu into an 8 pin DTM connector. This makes servicing the ecu side of things easy down the road, simply unplug the 8 pin connector and you aren’t tied to the car with a loom attached and going through the firewall.

The middle section is an extension, with one side termed and the other side ready to be populated in the DTM connector. From the engine side of the firewall, you’ll drill a small hole to run the harness though, and then install the DTM connector from under the dash. The harness is already termed with the proper terminals, you only need to slide them into their designated slots in the housing. This part will plug into the previously installed loom coming from the ECU.

The last section goes to the injectors. Each injector lead is labeled with the cylinder number to ensure nothing gets swapped on accident, as bank 1 and bank 2 leads can easily be swapped. This loom will plug into the previously installed extension loom under the wiper cowl. Having this connection allows easy removal of the intake manifold, without having to remove the secondary injector wiring (it looks best when routed nicely under the runners, which means unplugging the sub-loom is much easier than fishing each wire from under the intake).

Installation instructions can be found HERE