T1 Race and Development -- GT1R R35 Head Gasket Set


96mm (stock)

Quick Overview

Blown headgaskets have long been a problem on high horsepower VR38 engines.

Years ago GT1R set out to improve upon the current offerings.

Today, multiple revisions and improvements later, GT1R has what it feels to be the best headgasket set available.

We are now offering these gaskets to the public. These are what GT1R use in all of their race engines, including the T1 GTR with the half mile record at 235.6mph and EKanoo Racing with the quarter mile record at 7.20 at 202mph, both cars making well over 2400whp. To say they've been proven would be an understatement.

We offer these gaskets in a 96mm, 98mm, and 100mm bore, and our standard thickness is .045" (.032" and .052" are available custom order, please contact us directly to order).