Stoptech Rear Brake Rotors 93-98 Toyota Supra Turbo

$195.53 – $452.48

Drilled & Slotted
$230.04 $195.53
SKU: 120.44105
A brake rotor’s primary function is to store and release thermal energy that is generated during the braking process. At first glance, two rotors from different manufacturers may appear to be identical, however, quality and performance cannot be determined by simply comparing the outside dimensions or aesthetics of the discs. Vane design, chemistry, metallurgy, casting methods and machining technique all contribute to the function of the disc once it is placed in service.

StopTech® has the engineering and R&D resources to test rotors on one of three Link brake dynamometers, on street and track vehicles, and in the laboratory. StopTech and Centric Premium brake rotors are designed, engineered, and built to offer significant braking advantages over OEM parts.

Available in Blank, Slotted, Drilled and Drilled & Slotted

Sold in Pairs (Right & Left)