Sleeper Designs -- Billet "RMR Style" 2JZ-GE Intake Manifold Kit



Sleeper Designs Billet 2JZ-GE Intake Manifold Kits

These intake manifolds are fully designed, prototyped, developed, and produced in house in Las Vegas ensuring the highest quality products.

Similar in design to the popular RMR intake manifolds but with one major difference:  Ours is based off a set of 1-piece lightweight billet runners vs the fabricated runners of the past.  These manifolds allow you to keep the fuse/relay box and battery in the factory location, eliminating the need to cut or modify your chassis!

Sleeper Designs “RMR” Style 2JZGTE/2JZGE Intake Manifold Kit:

  • One piece billet runners. (Nitrous landings on underside)
  • Mirror Polished Plenum Housing “D” Shaped Plenum
  • RMR 82.5mm or 90mm Throttle Body with proper TPS adapter
  • Throttle Cable
  • Mirror polished -10an Fuel Rail with your choice of fitting combo
  • Dual -8an feeds and -6an return or -10an feeds and -8an return
  • All Stainless Hardware

Add on options:

  • Nitrous or meth ports taped 1/8" NPT - $50 (This will include 1/8" NPT plugs as well in case you are not using the ports immediately)
  • Burst Plate - $150
  • Billet Power Steering fitting (hose barb or 10an your choice) - $55
  • Anodized Runners - $100
  • Anodized Fuel Rail - $50
  • Powder Coated Plenum - $125