RPS Carbon Triple Disc Clutch for 2JZ-GTE/T-56


SKU: 22170-T3SH

RPS Toyota Supra 1993-1998 2JZ Engine & Tremec TR6060 T-56  Triple Disc CARBON 9.3 in. Steel flywheel included. "Push Style" conversion. Hydraulic Slave included.

All New RPS Triple disc Carbon on Carbon clutches! New clutch pack designs, New anti-rattle springs, and New spiral lock system makes these iconic Carbon on Carbon clutches. All RPS Carbon clutches include a new flywheel with hardware.

Torque rating: RPS Triple Disc Carbon on Carbon clutch: 1,350 lb-ft to the tire.

RPS is the only full 9.3" full Carbon on Carbon clutch on the market today. RPS makes the smoothest and longest lasting clutch period!

These RPS clutches are fully rebuild-able, which makes future clutch operating costs much lower.