Radium Engineering Walbro E85 Pump Fuel Surge Tank (Pump Incl) Porsche 911 Turbo 996

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SKU: 20-0059-01

A fuel surge tank (FST) is designed to prevent fuel starvation to the engine on vehicles with inadequate fuel tank baffling. The FST fuel pump(s) feed the fuel rail(s). The volume of fuel inside the surge tank acts as a buffer to always keep the FST pump(s) supplied with fuel. This volume is maintained by the main fuel tank pump as well as the fuel returning from the fuel pressure regulator. Excess fuel in the surge tank is returned back to the vehicle's main fuel tank.

The surge tank also provides a quick and easy way to upgrade any standard fuel system with a compact size. This is an excellent fueling solution for vehicles installing large demand power upgrades such as forced induction.

The Walbro 39/50 DCSS 400lph High-Performance fuel pump (P/N F90000262) is the highest flowing internal pump available on the market today. The pump mounts internally using an anodized laser cut bracket. The FST also incorporates a nickel-plated quick disconnect sealed electrical connector. All internal wires are PTFE (Teflon) coated to resist gasoline, ethanol, and methanol corrosion. The internal hose is a special fluoroelastomer formulation that resists permeation internally and externally and is submersible in all types of fuel. This cost-efficient compact design can support ~1025bhp @ 3Bar Pressure/.67 BSFC. This number will be approximately 20-percent lower for forced induction applications.


  • Extruded and machined 6061 aluminum 1.5-liter canister
  • Removeable O-ring sealed billet 6061 aluminum caps
  • Anodized and laser engraved
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Factory pressure tested before shipment

Application: 1997–2006 Porsche 911 Turbo