Radium Engineering Fuel Delivery System for Toyota Supra

$1,513.60 – $1,968.60

Walbro F90000274 Fitment - No Pumps
Walbro F90000274 Fitment - One Pump
Walbro F90000274 Fitment - Two Pumps
Walbro F90000274 Fitment - Three Pumps
AEM 50-1200 Fitment - No Pumps
AEM 50-1200 Fitment - One Pump
AEM 50-1200 Fitment - Two Pumps
AEM 50-1200 Fitment - Three Pumps
Walbro GSS342 Fitment - No Pumps
Walbro GSS342 Fitment - One Pump
Walbro GSS342 Fitment - Two Pumps
Walbro GSS342 Fitment - Three Pumps
DMR - 8AN ORB - Black
DMR - 8AN ORB - Green
Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit w/ Stainless Filter
Fuel Hanger Plumbing Kit w/ Microglass Filter

This comprehensive kit includes everything required to construct a high performance fuel delivery system for the MKIV Toyota Supra. The Radium in-tank fuel pump hanger, feed and return lines, fuel rail, and pressure regulator completely replace the restrictive OEM fuel system with a setup capable of supporting well over 1,000hp and safe to use with ethanol fuels.

Standard Components Included in Every Kit:

Fuel Rail
  • Fuel Rail, Top Feed Conversion, Toyota 2JZ-GTE - ($199.95)
Fuel Rail Fitting
  • 14-0153 8AN ORB to 10AN Male - ($9.95)
Pulse Damper
  • 20-0176 FPD-R, 8AN ORB - ($89.95)
Pressure Gauge
  • 20-0386 Fuel Pressure Gauge with 8AN ORB Adapter, 90deg - ($68.95)
Gauge Fitting
  • 14-0332 1/8NPT Male to Female, 90Deg - ($14.95)

The in-tank fuel hanger replaces the factory unit and can be configured with a variety of different fuel pump options. More details on the fuel hanger can be found HERE.

The fuel lines include pre-fabricated PTFE hoses, a high flow fuel filter, AN fittings and other required parts to plumb fuel to and from the fuel rail. 

The included fuel rail, fittings, and regulator feed the 2JZ-GTE engine and converts to top feed injectors (not included). More details on the fuel rail can be found HERE.

Step 1: Select a fuel hanger pump configuration based on the vehicle requirements. Fuel pump hanger part numbers ending in -00 do not include pumps and are a good choice for those who already have compatible pumps. For more information on the pumps offered and the power they support, please see THIS PAGE.
Step 2: Select the color of fuel pressure regulator in the next option list.
Step 3: The Feed/Return line kit option is a chance to specify what kind of fuel filter element material is needed. For more information on the filter elements, see THIS PAGE.
Step 4: After all selections are made, add item to cart and proceed to checkout.