Precision Turbo and Engine - Oil Feed Fitting -4AN to 1/8 NPT Steel


SKU: PFT 047-3039
Precision Turbo and Engine - Turbo Oil Feed Fitting -4AN to 1/8 NPT - Steel

Part # PFT 047-3039

No matter what sort of flange you may need, Precision Turbo and Engine has got the right part for the job. We carry a full line of turbine inlet flanges, turbine discharge weld flanges, oil drain flanges and compressor cover discharge flanges. 

Used for all GT42 and Smaller Frame Precision turbochargers (Ball Bearing and Journal Bearing).

PLEASE NOTE: No restrictors are to be used inline of the -4AN Feed Fitting. 

If you are unsure if this product will fit your turbocharger, please contact one of our technical representatives for assistance prior to purchasing.

*Oil Feed Fitting Only*

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