PHR -- Powerhousing Racing 3.5" Driveshaft for Supra -- Six Speed or Automatic

$945.00 $897.75

Automatic (A340)
Six Speed (V160)
SKU: PHR 01012207

PHR is proud to offer the 3.5" one-piece driveshaft. We consider this driveshaft, without a doubt, the best available. Our driveshaft is rated at 1000rwhp but has been known to hold up to over 1200hp on even the most agressive drag launches. We use 1350 U-joints for ultimate strength. Our CNC billet steel rear flange, and CNC billet aluminum front adapter are precision machined for perfect fitment. Even out 12.9 grade bolts are the best available. We are the ONLY company to offer a billet rear flange, making this the best driveshaft on the market...period.

One of the advantages our driveshaft has for street use is the retention of the factory rear flex disc. This dramatically improves street driving and reduces vibration.

Available for 6spd or automatic twin turbo.