PHR -- Powerhouse Racing Gen 2 Race Engine Breather Kit (Catch Can)

$322.05 – $659.30

Black Fittings w/ Stainless Line
Black Fittings w/ Black Line
Gloss Black
Matte Black
Wrinkle Black
$339.00 $322.05
SKU: PHR 01011037.R

Anyone building a high horsepower/high boost 2JZGTE engine has to consider the effects of crankcase pressure at these levels. With the standard PCV valve (only 7mm) the engine simply is not able to remove pressure fast enough from the crankcase while under boost. The PHR Race Engine Breather Kit solves this problem, by increasing the venting area by over 200%. By removing crankcase pressure, you increase engine efficiency and therefore increase horsepower.

This kit includes:

  • Hand-built aluminum vent tank with proprietary internal baffling  -  raw finish
  • PHR 3'' Vent Filter
  • Optional Dual 12AN valve cover suction lines with nickel or Red & Blue plated fittings
  • 12AN weld-on fittings for the valve covers

  • Anyone who has ever put together 12AN lines and fittings can tell you how costly something like this is to put together. This is not merely an "oil catch can" but rather a complete engine breathing system for big boost/big HP engines. Stock or mildly modified engines can also benefit from this setup, but only slightly. You must remove the OEM charcoal canister in order to install the breather tank on the passenger side of the engine bay.