PHR -- Powerhouse Racing Ford IAC Adapter Kit for 2JZ-GTE

$176.40 $167.58

SKU: PHR 01011049

Finally, a solution to the 2JZ-GTE / 1JZ-GTE idle motors. Factory stepper motors require 4 wires to operate. The PHR Ford IAC Adapter Kit for 2JZ-GTE and 1JZ-GTE only requires a single output from your ecu, freeing up 3 additional outputs. This is extremely helpful on ECU's like MoTeC M600, M84 and other where outputs are limited. If your ECU is limited on outputs, this is the solution you need to free up your outputs for other needs.

In addition, the factory idle motors are extremely expensive to replace and are very difficult to find used in good condition. This provides an affordable alternative for those running aftermarket ECU's when their idle motor fails.

Can be run with a filter attached directly to the IAC or 3/4" hose to the intake pipe or other location for IAC filtration. You will need to continue using the factory check valve, grommet and gasket to keep from leaking boost. Only replace the motor and housing.

PHR is continuing to bring solutions to the 2JZ-GTE platform, and are proud to offer this one.