PHR -- Powerhouse Racing 3-Piece Lightweight Billet Pulley Kit for 2JZ-GTE

$170.05 – $406.60

$179.00 $170.05
SKU: PHR 01011035.M


We're happy to offer PHR's Billet Aluminum Lightweight Pulley Kit for the 2JZ and 1JZ engines. Precision machined from solid aluminum, this is the finest pulley kit available. Reduce rotating mass and keep accessory speed where it should be, not underdriven.

Kit includes:
    Power Steering Pulley
    Water Pump Pulley
    Alternator Pulley

Fits any car equipped with 2JZ or 1JZ engine with clutch fan water pump (not hydro-fan), not limited to:
    1993-2001 Toyota Supra
    1992-2001 Lexus SC300
    JZA70 Supra