PHR -- Powerhouse Racing Thermostat for 2JZ, 155/160/170 deg F


SKU: PHR 01010626

We are happy to be able to provide a huge catalog of cooling system upgrades for the 2JZ Engine. The Powerhouse Racing thermostat for all 2JZ engines is an essential part our the PHR cooling system lineup. 

The PHR thermostat have an earlier opening temperature. Given the efficiency and cooling capacity of the rest of your cooling system, this will help maintain a lower coolant temperature.

The PHR thermostat includes a properly fitting thermostat gasket, whereas others provide generic poorly fitting gaskets. Just one small detail that can make a big difference when it comes to time and effort invested.


UPDATE 10/2/2020: We have now added two more temperature options for our thermostat giving you more choices to customize your setup.

1. PHR 01010626 - PHR Thermostat for 2JZ, 155°F, 68°C

2. PHR 01010640 - PHR Thermostat for 2JZ, 160°F, 71°C

3. PHR 01010641 - PHR Thermostat for 2JZ, 170°F, 77°C