PHR -- Powerhouse Racing Remote Oil Pressure Sensor Kit for 2JZ

$122.55 – $274.98

Black Cover
Yes - Add AEM 150psi Sensor Kit (+$152.43)
$129.00 $122.55
SKU: PHR 01011065
One of the most important things to your engine health is maintaining proper oil pressure. We're happy to provide you with a simple install sensor kit for your 2JZ  to keep a vigilant eye on your pressure at all times. 

You can use it the cross-drilled port on the TT block for oil squirters or it can take place of your OEM "dummy" light sensor (NA and TT blocks) and give you specific feedback to log on your aftermarket ECU or watch on your gauge.

This versatile kit gives you a foot of slack so you can mount the sensor in multiple locations, whether it be on your intake, the block, or your framerail. Whichever works best for you chassis. Fits with room to spare behind an AC compressor. 

Available with two choices of line color and add a 150psi AEM pressure sensor if you don't have one already. Works with most 1/8"NPT sensors.