PHR - Powerhouse Racing Rear Adjustable Traction Bars for 1993-1998 Toyota Supra 2JZ

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SKU: PHR 01012101

PHR - Powerhouse Racing Rear Adjustable Traction Bars for 1993-1998 Toyota Supra 2JZ

Part # 01012101

PHR Adjustable Rear Traction Bars are a great solution for those looking for that edge over the competion. These bars are recommended for Drag Racing, Circuit Racing, and even perform well on street cars. 

In drag racing, the trac bars can help to eliminate wheel-hop as well as change the spindle angle so you can set your ideal launch and down trac geometry. In addition, preload increase or decrease and improve reaction times and forward push increase out of the hole as well as contribute to control of front end lift and rear end squat.

In circuit racing, the trac bars help to eliminate wheel-hop in corner entry and can inprove bite on corner exit. They can improve vehicle response to driver input by eliminating the squishy factory bushing and allow full adjustablility for helping to adjust your suspension geometry.

Street cars can take advantage of all of the above stated benefits, but will have more road feedback into the chassis as the factory bushing is eliminated and vibration transfers more easily, although most people may not notice any difference.

The PHR Adjustable Trac Bars are made from swaged steel tubes and are knurled for adjustment grip. The Rod end is of chomoly 2-piece contruction for durability and our clevis end is tig welded and gusseted for strength.

We feel like the PHR trac bars are the best anywhere and are proud to offer it for the Supra and SC300 Platforms.

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