PHR - Powerhouse Racing ORB / Oil Temp / Crank Case Pressure Combination Adapter for Toyota Supra 2JZ

$90.25 – $325.82

No Sensor
Add AEM 2 Bar Sensor (+$155.25)
No Sensor
Add Temp Sensor (+$74)
No Fitting
-12 AN
-10 AN
-12 ORB Plug
$95.00 $90.25
SKU: PHR 01011083

Adapts OEM Oil Level Location to accept ORB Fittings, Oil Temp Probe and 1/8" NPT Plug or Crank Case Pressure Sensor

Powerhouse Racing is proud to offer a multi-functional solution for adding multiple uses to the 2JZ Crankcase are. This port provides ports for an Oil Temperature Probe, an AN Fitting or Hose (using -12ORB Port), and a Crank Case Pressure Sensor.

The CNC Machined Aluminum Bracket includes Three Ports. The first port will be fitted with a Temperature Probe. The second port  and the additional port will be optioned to allow you to either plug the additional port or add a AEM 2 BAR Sensor to monitor Crankcase Pressure. The third port allows you to adapt for a hose using a -12 ORB Fitting. All in a single location.

The ORB Port can serve for additional crank case ventilation and / or drain-back from an oil catch can.

Compatible with both Front Sump and Rear Sump Toyota Supra 2JZ Oil Pans.

WARNING: THIS REQUIRES THE REMOVAL OF THE OEM OIL LEVEL SENSOR. We highly recommend adding an oil pressure sensor to monitor your engine health. We have multiple solutions for this.

The PHR Crank Case Pressure / Oil Temp Adapter Kit includes:

  • CNC Machined Aluminum Adapter with O-Ring
  • (4) M6 Mounting Bolts

Options to add:

  • Oil Temperature Probe
  • AEM 2 BAR MAP Sensor with 45 Degree Adapting Fitting
  • Your choice of Fitting or Plug