PHR -- Powerhouse Racing "Badass" Race Head for 2JZ-GTE / 1993-98 MKIV Toyota Supra TT

$6,700.00 $6,599.00

SKU: PHR 01010508
Powerhouse Racing now offers one of the most aggressive port and polished heads on the market for all race car fans. This head is even more aggressive then our Stage 5 CNC Race Head. With the new Bad Ass Head coming in at 305cfm @ 1/2" (legitimately, we don't make fake numbers), this is the highest flowing head available.

PHR advises this not to be used on the street!

Comes with Supertech 1mm Oversize Valves, Supertech Valve Seats, Supertech Seat Locators, Supertech Dual Valve Springs, Supertech Bronze Valve Guides, Supertech Valve Seals, Supertech Valve Locks.
PHR Beryllium Valve Seats.

This is the head PHR runs on their 8.2 sec 1/4 mile time race car and it continues to handle the beating.

We also advise using CNC Shimless Buckets with this head.