PHR - Powerhouse Racing 2JZGTE ProMod Turbo Manifold


SKU: PHR 01012016.V.D44
Powerhouse Racing is proud to offer our ProMod Turbo Manifold for the 2JZGTE engine. We developed this to be the best manifold for the 2JZGTE on the available. It's made to support Precision Turbo Promod / Gen 1 & 2 Series Turbos. Anywhere from the Pro Mod 88 to the Pro Mod 94 for extreme horsepower setups (up to and beyond 2000hp if you have the setup). Look no further than here for highest horsepower applications. 

Our manifolds are designed for 3 purposes: 

First: Ease of installation. - Don't spend years trying to get your manifold to fit, only to have it come loose again. Those with the experience have bloodied enough knuckles, and ground down enough nuts to know how important this is.
Second: Fitment. - This manifold is hands down the best fitting manifold on the available. 
Third: Maximum Performance. - We put our manifolds up against the most well known and top notch manifolds around and blow their doors off!

Reasons you want this manifold over our competitors:

1. First our manifolds use schedule 10 stainless steel tubing. Most use 14-18 gauge which is very thin and will not last for a lifetime. When that material breaks off, (which others have multiple times) you will trash the turbo with slag and broken off parts from the cheaper material used as it shoots up in the turbo.

2. All TIG welded, Fully back purged, for strength quality and flow. These also eliminates any crystallization (slag). Slag can break off from inside lesser designed manifolds and damage the turbo.

3. Our collector design is the best available. It’s flow is far superior to any you will find out there. It also promotes inertia of cylinder pulses, improving horsepower and response, as well as reduced back pressure.

4. The manifold uses any waste gate that come and any variety of sizes and needs for each customer (more personal build) other name brand manifolds waste gate assemblies have Fallen off over time!

5. Longer runner design will increase power and torque, especially with larger turbo set ups.

6. The placement of the waste gate(s) also do not interfere with the way the intercooler pipes or air filter are mounted.

7. Only our manifolds come with dump tube or tubes, which save hundred(s) of dollars and extra down time.

8. Do any custom configuration of down pipe and mid pipe set ups, for any exhaust set up, saving more fabrication and down time.

9. Optional ceramic coating.

10. Each one is built on a car so fitment and quality is guaranteed!

Powerhouse Racing Turbo Manifolds -
Our manifolds are hand built in-house by some of the best fabricators on the planet. Pain-staking detail is taken in every inch of these works of art. We'll put our work up against anybody on the planet. You won't find one better. We've been doing it longer and we've been doing it better. We have the experience that nobody else does. And our manifolds are backed by 20 years of proven performance.