PHR -- Powerhouse Racing Dual Extreme-Duty Spal Fan Kit


$656.21 $690.25

PHR is constanly striving to improve the Toyota Supra platform. And on a highly-modified Supra, heat is a problem. With HUGE frontmount intercoolers, high idle speeds, heat drenching turbos and high performance motors all saddled with a hot A/C condenser, maintaining reasonable engine temperature is a real problem. Upraded radiators and fan setups are installed to help to address this problem, but sometimes they still come up short. Airflow must be improved to remove the heat from the motor.

To address these problems, PHR is happy to introduce the highest flowing fan setup ever introduced for the Toyota Supra: The PHR Dual Extreme-Duty Spal Fan Kit. Flowing nearly a combined 3800CFM of air, this fan kit dwarfs any other on the planet.

At high vehicle speeds as airflow increases to the front of the car, if high pressure is built in front of the fans, bypass flaps open to allow even more airflow through the radiator, furthering cooling even more.

The PHR Dual Extreme-Duty Spal Fan Kit comes with a PHR aluminum fan shroud, 2 twelve inch Spal Extreme-Duty Fans, each pulling 1870CFM. Also included is the PHR 100Amp Solid State Relay for fan control using a simple switch or PWM fan speed control (see your ECU capabilities to see if you can use this option). A heat sync is included to keep the relay cool and connectors for the Spal fans.

This fan setup is designed to fit the Supra but will require the following modifications:
  • Small Battery in stock location or battery relocated to the trunk
  • Custom Intercooler Piping to route around fans or preferably run through battery location
This fan kit requires 100Amps of current to run so it will not work with the PHR Dual Fan Harness. For high low speed control, take advantage of the PHR 100Amp solid state relay included in the kit.

Available in raw finish or select powder coating or polishing options on the fan shroud.

Note: If running PHR Dry Sump Kit, one fan will be swapped to a slim fan to accommodate the dry sump drive gear. This will reduce overall airflow but will still be a very large amount of air. Keep this in mind when selecting.

Will also fit SC300 with Supra Radiator Installed.