MoTeC M130 ECU

$3,090.00 – $4,484.00

Level 2 Logging (+$329)
Level 3 Logging [Req Lvl 2] (+$529)
Pro Analysis (+$939)
IP 2JZ Package +$750
GPA (Universal) +$695
GPR (Universal) +$1149

MoTeC M130 ECU


  • Small and light in robust magnesium enclosure

  • Port injection injector type

  • Large logging memory

  • Latest generation high performance processor

  • Customizable configuration (see separate section)

  • Customizable firmware / functionality

  • Suitable for modern engines with DBW, Cam control and a CAN bus.

  • Advanced logging features, high speed, multiple logs (with access logins), I/O expansion, Pro Analysis

  • Flexible tuning software

  • Robust and comprehensive security features (see separate section)

  • Programmable injector drive characteristics

  • Programmable digital input system for Ref/Sync, wheel speeds etc.

  • Programmable trigger levels, diagnostics

  • All Low Side and Half Bridge outputs have PWM capability


  • Various Logging Options

  • Configuration

  • Locked Configuration

  • Standard Configuration

  • Open Configuration


  • Microsoft Windows™ based software

  • PC Tuning software ‘Tune’ - Used to tune fuel and ignition, set up sensors, outputs and available functions

  • PC Software ‘Build’- Used to create a custom software package with user specific functions