MoTeC 6R80 Swap Kit (Engine + Transmission)


SKU: RG.KT.PV0207.01

MoTeC 6R80 Swap Kit (Engine + Transmission)

MoTeC has developed a general-purpose firmware (“Package”) that provides integrated engine and transmission control of powertrains comprised of any engine mated to the Ford 6R80 automatic transmission. The 6R80 Engine/Transmission Package provides world class engine control, transmission control, and race functions for a seamless delivery of power through the renowned Ford automatic.

The 6R80 Engine/Transmission package is a single ECU solution for control of any engine mated to the Ford 6R80 transmission in your chassis of choice. A MoTeC M150 and RaceGrade 6 Channel Current Sensor provide the flexibility and power to complete your engine and transmission swap with confidence knowing you have one controller that can do it all.

The engine and race functions are based on functionality found in the MoTeC USA Drag package.

Kit includes everything needed to start your engine swap with a Ford 6R80 automatic transmission:

  • MoTeC M150 ECU
  • 23511 6R80 Engine Swap License/Package
  • 23011 Level 2 Logging
  • ECU Connector Kit with terminals
  • RG.DV.PV0170 - 6 channel current sensor with CAN
  • Connectors for current sensor
  • 6R80 connector kit


• Full control of all shift patterns available in the transmission. This includes sequential upshifts, sequential downshifts and skip shift downshifts. Several unique to MoTeC shift patterns are also provided. Refer to the sample base file for a full list of shift patterns.
• User selectable shifting schedules for Drive and SelectShift “Sport” mode switchable with driver switches or OE shifter.
• Manual shift scheduling available via two driver switches (up/down paddles).
• One-way clutch control.
• Closed loop torque converter lockup control targeting torque converter slip. Standard and Power On modes.
• Torque converter apply/release rates.
• Torque converter control adaptation.
• Torque converter lockup schedules.
• Line pressure control for steady state operation as well as each available shift pattern – including special conditions such as one-way clutch control.
• Line pressure apply/release rates.
• Adjustable calibration of Turbine Speed and Output Shaft Speed inputs, allowing for utmost accuracy of these critical speeds on a case per case basis.
• Drag race creep function using closed loop transmission brake control to allow precise entry into staging lights
• User accessible calibration of factory Shift Selector reported position to ensure accurate command of the system
• Adjustable current control profiles for each transmission control element, including line pressure and torque converter.
• Adjustable shift element periodic prime pressures as well as steady state hold pressures.
• Dyno mode – settings to shift up to and hold a specific gear for dyno testing.
• Start in Second – ability to indicate when the driver wishes to start in second gear via a user defined input
• Anti-Flare logic to catch transmission flares to help prevent them from damaging transmission components.
• Shift inhibit function that will hold the current gear during rapid driver throttle lift off.
• Power Management – torque reduction tuning for each available shift pattern, as well as torque reduction and reintroduction rates to protect the transmission and adjust shift feel.
• Turbine Speed Matching – “throttle blipping” to ensure downshifts completely smoothly and accurately without dragging of the oncoming clutch during power off downshifts.
• Torque Limits – used to limit engine power when engaging Drive/Reverse or executing any downshift.
• Closed loop PID control during the clutch to clutch phase of all upshifts, including the turbine speed pull down phase.
• Closed loop PID control on all downshifts to control the turbine speed trajectory.
• Sequential downshifting management to ensure proper holding pressure is applied to the outgoing element on rapid downshifts.
• Gear Minimum – ability to indicate that the transmission should never shift below second gear. 
• Gear Maximum – ability to indicate the maximum gear in the transmission.
• Automatic shift scheduling during coastdown (rapid deceleration).
• Predictive shift scheduling of upshifts based on vehicle acceleration rate.
• Adaptive – “learning” to allow some adjustability for flares/binding as transmission ages.