Manley Performance Turbo Tuff Pistons Set Toyota Supra 2JZ 2JZGTE - 86.25mm 9.0:1

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SKU: 609202CE-6

Manley Performance Turbo Tuff Pistons Set Toyota Supra 2JZ 2JZGTE - 86.25mm 9.0:1

Part # 609202CE-6

Manley pistons are machined of high strength 2618 material. Each design is lightweight yet robust enough to deliver long service life. Offset wrist pin design is utilized for quiet start-ups. Perfect ring groove to skirt squareness is achieved through our unique "one fixturing" manufacturing method that assures maximum horsepower. All pistons come with moly coated skirts and will accommodate +1mm valve sizes. Round wire locks, premium chrome moly wrist pins, and premium steel top ring sets from Total Seal are included with every kit at no additional charge. 


  • 2618 alloy for maximum high temperature strength and fatigue resistance.
  • "Contour forgings" provide the optimum balance between strength and weight with no grain-interrupting internal milling.
  • Proprietary multi-step top ring groove machining process assures optimum control of the groove's size, geometry, flatness, and finish.
  • All final turning is performed in one fixturing resulting in complete squareness of rings to the cylinder wall.
  • Federal Form-Scan gauging validates ideal skirt indexing to pinhole and skirt-to-skirt polarity.
  • Value - added features such as a pressure balance groove included in all series.
  • Precise pinhole machining results in an exact compression distance as well as precise lock ring groove spacing, size, and concentricity.
  • Manley Sport Compact Platinum series pistons come complete with pistons, rings, pins, and locks

Turbo Tuff Features:

  • 2618 high strength material
  • 2.250 x .250" wall 9310 alloy pin included P/N 42552
  • Moly Coated Skirts
  • Pressure balance groove
  • Will accommodate +1mm valve sizes
  • Vertical Gas Ports designed for high HP Race Engines
  • Premium Steel top rings with Napier seconds and round wire locks included
  • Recommended piston clearance .0035" measured .850" from the bottom of the oil ring


Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Bore Diameter 86.25mm
Pin Size 0.866" x 2.250" x .250"
Pin Material 9310 Steel
Included Ring Set 47862-6
Piston Weight TBA
Head cc 45 cc
Dome cc -8 cc
Compression Height 1.328" 
Stroke 86mm
Rod Length 5.590" / 142mm
Piston Material 2618