King Bearings pMaxKote Crankshaft Main Bearing Set (STD Size) Nissan GT-R VR38DETT MB4524XPC

$389.66 $350.69

  • Unique metal structure for increased load capacity
  • Distinctive geometric design
  • Designed with a performance simulation and analysis system
  • 4.5% Tin intermediate layer
  • Hardness-115HV
  • Load capacity: 17,000 psi
  • 5% copper overlay
  • Micro-etch surface preparation process
  • Proprietary nano scaled hardening process
  • Perfect clearance in every set
  • U-groove design increases the bearing's effective surface
  • Integrated oil slot enables better oil passage 
  • Improved oil ingress
  • Crankshaft main bearing location
  • Standard Size