Kelford T202-G Camshaft Set for 2JZ-GTE


SKU: T202-G

292/302 Degrees advertised duration. 10.80mm/10.80mm lift.

Additional Information

Pro-import cams to suit extreme boost, high RPM motors running on Alcohol. Shimless buckets are preferred for these cams. Cylinder head may need to be clearanced for cam swing. Requires valve spring upgrade.


Engine Make: Engine Model: Part Number:
Valve Clearance: Intake: 0.25mm Set COLD at the CAM
  Exhaust: 0.25mm Set COLD at the CAM
Cam Lift:   Intake: 11.05mm Exhaust: 11.05mm
Rocker Ratio:   Intake: 1 Exhaust: 1
Nett Valve Lift:   Intake: 10.80mm Exhaust: 10.80mm
Advertised Duration @ 0.10mm Intake: 292 Exhaust: 302
Duration @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT Intake: 252 Exhaust: 260
Timing @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT IVO: 14 BTDC EVO: 70 BBDC
    IVC: 58 ABDC EVC: 10 ATDC
Suggested Centre Lines:   Intake: 112 Exhaust: 120
VALVE Lift @ TDC Intake: 2.44mm Exhaust: 1.96