IP/PHR Coil Wiring Harness for IGN1A Coils

Induction Performance

$569.00 $599.00


We are proud to offer this great wiring solution to the IGN1A Coil Kits, which is exactly what you need to make your installation as simple as it can be.

Our wire harness features all Tefzel Wiring, Raychem DR-25 Sleeving and a 12 Pin Deutch connector for easily disconnecting the Coil Portion of the harness for more easily accessing Spark Plugs. Terminals are already attached for your specific ECU needs, and two fully sealed relays and fuse holders (one per three coils) provide the current required for maximum spark.

Made to work with most all modern aftermarket ECUs. If you do not see your ECU listed please contact us to confirm compatibility.