AMS Performance Infiniti Q50 / Q60 Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger

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AMS Performance Infiniti Q50 / Q60 Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger

When we released the original Red Alpha Heat Exchanger in 2017, we created the VR30 platform’s first direct OEM replacement heat exchanger that was properly sized and shaped for maximum thermal transfer. While competitors spent the next 3 years playing catch up, we went back to the drawing board to push the Infiniti Q50 & Q60 platform even further. We knew as time went on the platform would advance to higher and higher power levels that would necessitate better cooling, which is why our AMS SNAILWORKS© Engineering Team designed the all-new Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger – The largest stock location heat exchanger on the market.

Maximizing available space to create a larger heat exchanger surface area for cool air to pass through can be a challenge in a confined space like the front end of the Q50 and Q60. The Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger expands to a massive 32mm thickness, nearly three times thicker than the factory heat exchanger. Our team was able to expand the unit in all dimensions by utilizing a new steel support bracket to keep your new heat exchanger secure. With an 827% increase in core size over factory, the Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger has what you need to take your Infiniti Q50 or Q60 to the next level.

  • Biggest and baddest stock location heat exchanger on the market
  • Near TRIPLE the thickness of the factory heat exchanger (32mm vs 11mm)
  • 827% increase in core size over OEM for unbelievable heat transfer
  • CAD designed and CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum end tanks
  • Motorsport quality tube and fin heat exchanger core made in the UK
  • Drastically increased coolant flow
  • CFD analysis performed on core and tanks to allow for optimized heat dissipation
  • 548% added fluid capacity over OEM further increases thermal stability
  • Easy installation in OEM bolt hole locations with included support bracket
  • Can be used on stock or modified vehicles to reduce heat soak

Engineered To Be The Best

AMS Performance is an engineering company first. We have built our 20 year reputation as a leading motorsports aftermarket component manufacturer by creating the highest performing parts through a focused engineering approach to design. This design method allows us to include features not found in any other kits on the market, including billet 6061 T6 aluminum end tanks for improved fitment and aesthetics, a screw valve for easy bleeding and a metal support bracket to make sure the additional weight is secured. Where others use plastic barb fittings, and low grade rubber hoses, the AMS SNAILWORKS© Engineering Team have put together a system that uses the highest quality materials for years of trouble free operation.

While the Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger is significantly larger than OEM, our AMS Team set out to make the INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger upgrade as simple as possible to install. The new unit fits in the same location as the factory core, allowing for maximum compatibility with oil coolers, shutters, and parking assist sensors. By using the factory mounting points you or your trusted mechanic can install it quickly and easily. The core simply slides in and bolts into the factory mounting holes with the supplied support bracket, and then gets connected to your existing factory hose routing.  For a heat exchanger of this size, you don’t get a cleaner or more simple installation than that!



Size Matters

For the core of the INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Heat Exchanger we chose a motorsport quality heat exchanger core made in the UK. This high efficiency, single pass core is much larger and dissipates heat quickly for maximum cooling. Through our larger design, added fluid capacity, and drastically increased flow, your 3.0L VR30 twin turbocharged engine benefits from reduced intake air temperatures (IAT), boosting your power output.

By nearly tripling the thickness of the OEM core and increasing the frontal surface area, you gain an extraordinary amount of added cooling efficiency. The Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger core and end tanks hold an astounding 548% more coolant than the stock heat exchanger. You gain increased thermal capacity for the entire intercooler system by accommodating this additional coolant. Whether you live in a hot climate region, enjoy drag racing, or long high speed pulls on airstrips the INFINITI Q50/Q60 Red Alpha Race Heat Exchanger will help keep your intake temps lower and maintain your INFINITI’s maximum power output no matter the conditions.



  • 2017+ INFINITI Q60 with VR30
  • 2016+ INFINITI Q50 with VR30


  • Requires minor plastic trimming for proper fitment. Please review installation instructions for further details.