Induction Performance Toyota A340E Stall Converter

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Induction Performance Toyota A340E Stall Converter

If you have a Supra or any other vehicle powered by an A340E automatic transmission behind a 2JZ engine, there is no better torque converter option!

If you plan to drag race the car, our 4,000 stall features the best of both worlds -- loose on the footbrake to help build massive amounts of boost on the starting line yet tight under full load with slip percentage in 1:1 gear of around 6% -- our special sauce converter has become known as the "magic" converter.

We also have other stall speeds available and please feel free to contact us directly for guidance on what would be best for your setup. Very few people, if anyone, have as much automatic Supra experience as we do!

NOTE: These converters work with A340E transmissions equipped with a J3 bellhousing only. If you have a J2 you will need to source and swap to a J3. If you have a J1 bellhousing, the bell cannot be swapped to a J3.

More Info

The Induction Performance-exclusive 4,000 stall converter by FTI Performance utilizes our secret specs to allow for great driveability around town but also the capability to cut sub-1.4 60's at the strip without nitrous. It's the ultimate converter for the Toyota A340E Transmission. This converter still features the lockup clutch for great driving comfort and gas mileage.

  • Furnace Brazed: To ensure we are offering the best possible product to racers, FTI uses the furnace brazing process to increase internal performance and reliability for all of our performance torque converters.

  • Tig Welded: Offering increased rigidity where your converter needs it, FTI hand tig welds all the internal fins on all of our performance torque converters.

  • Triple Torrington Bearings: To increase converter reliability and longevity, each FTI torque converter is assembled using new premium name brand Torrington bearings.

VIDEO: Check out the street characteristics and stalling of our 4,000 RPM Stall Converter.