2JZ-GTE Timing Package -- Gates Timing Belt, PHR Billet Tensioner Bracket, Billet Timing Gear

$359.99 – $889.99

Yes - ATI V1
Yes - ATI V2
Yes - Fluidampr
Yes - Fluidampr -15% UD
12 Tooth
36 Tooth
$494.78 $419.00

Choice of PHR Billet Timing Gears:

PHR One Piece Billet Timing Belt Drive Gear for 2JZ-GTE (12 tooth pickup wheel)

Powerhouse Racing has always been on the top of the world in creating solutions to common problems that occur with the 2jz engine. One common issue is the timing pickup will often separate from the main timing belt gear and spin causing a trigger/sync error. This will cause running and timing problem. As a solution, we have built a one-piece gear to so that you can never have to face this issue.

Rather than welding the factory gear, PHR has made the move to CNC a single-piece steel timing gear to offer an even stronger product. Zinc plated to prevent corrosion.

**NOTE FOR VVTi*** A 2JZ utilizing the VVTi system has a different timing gear with 36-2 tooth setup. It is a single piece and does not suffer from the same potential seperation issues. Meaning you may not need to change the gear on a VVT-i setup. However, the teeth on the vvti version are brittle and do commonly break so we have devloped a billet version (see below). It also has more defined edges which can provide a cleaner signal. Some racers choose 36-2 for more resolution on their timing signal even on a non vvti setup.

PHR One Piece Billet Timing Belt Drive Gear for 2JZ-GTE (36-2 tooth pickup wheel)

The Powerhouse Racing One Piece Billet Timing Belt Drive Gear for the VVT-i 2JZ-GTE features a one-piece design and is CNC machined from billet steel. This timing gear features lightening holes on both the front and rear of the gear to keep it as light as possible, and the steel material makes for a less brittle piece so teeth are not easily broken.

This is a common upgrade for cars with aftermarket ECU's. When comparing the 36-2 tooth gear to the 12 tooth version, the 36-2 tooth gear offers better crank shaft position resolution for more precise ignition and fuel injection timing.

This gear also features a more precise and square tooth shape so trigger edges are even better defined.

Powerhouse Racing Billet Timing Tension Bracket

The OEM timing belt tensioner brackets are prone to cracking and breakage in high RPM/high HP applications.

PHR is happy to provide you with hands down the best replacement available:

  • Fully CNC machined from billet steel making it the strongest bracket on the market
  • Black oxide coated to provide corrosion and extend material life.
  • Features an oil embedded bronze slip-in bushing. This oil reduces wear and provides lubrication to prevent seizing.
  • Has a hardened steel pin which rides on the tensioner press for long life

This is a product of unmatched quality and will provide you with the peace of mind that your bracket will never fail.

Gates Racing Timing Belt

Constructed of HNBR Elastomeric composites, these belts provide up to three times the heat resistance, and feature teeth reinforced with Aramid and nylon fiber to minimize wear. And Gates Racing Performance timing belts are 300% stronger than the standard aftermarket belt. The added strength gives tuners the high performance they demand. Gates is the largest producer of automotive timing belts in the world. Many of the aftermarket units that are offered from JDM companies are manufactured by Gates and just relabeled. 

OEM Toyota Timing Belt

Part # 13568-YZZ14 -- The tried and true OEM belt is our preferred go-to belt for most every build from OEM to 1,000+ horsepower.

PLUS: Add an ATI (V1 or V2) OR Fluidampr Crank Damper