Induction Performance Anti-Roll Bar for Toyota Supra MKIV JZA80


SKU: IP720.015.ARB

Induction Performance Anti-Roll Bar for Toyota Supra MKIV JZA80

If you have ever driven a big-power Supra, you know they can be a handful. In the interest of helping put that power down reliably and safely, we have developed an Anti-Roll Bar Kit that works in conjunction with our new adjustable rear upper control arms to kill two birds with one stone.

Not only are you now able to get your camber set properly for straight line acceleration, but the stiffer antiroll bar replaces the OEM sway bar and helps apply that power evenly by working to prevent body roll and deliver power evenly to both rear wheels. This combo is a MUST for any big power Supra! 

With the OEM rear control arms, camber is usually maxed out at -1 degree. This is suboptimal for straight line acceleration, especially in a high-powered IRS platform where zero or positive static camber is desired. We recommend corner balancing at the same time as installation of the ARB and arms. These two things are paramount in achieving the best straight line acceleration possible in your Supra!

Plus, the arms and ARB will be available separately. So if you already have aftermarket rear upper adjustable control arms, they can be modified to work with our antiroll bar and we will include everything necessary to do so. Tested on Titan Motorsports and Powerhouse Racing control arms with no issues. Please contact us if you have another manufacturer's arms.

NOTE: This listing is for the anti-roll bar ONLY. To buy the controls arms and anti-roll bar together at a discounted rate, please click here.


  •  Made from 4130 Chromoly
  •  Tig welded and braced for strength
  •  Heim rod ends
  •  Solid bushings
  •  No knuckle modification required
  •  Gloss black powdercoat finish
  •  100% Made in the USA


  •  1 5/8" Chromoly Tubing
  •  Billet one piece arms
  •  Custom heim joint end links w/ control arm integration
  •  Custom bracketry for OEM subframe mounting 
  •  Link adjustability allows for fine tuning