HKS 4" Titanium Racing Exhaust for Toyota Supra Turbo 93-98 3108-RT001

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SKU: 3108-RT001

Arguably the most famous exhaust for the Toyota Supra, the HKS Titanium exhaust features 4" stainless steel piping and a full titanium muffler for an exotic sound whether your car is BPU or over 1,000whp. Chances are your favorite Supra runs this exhaust, and for good reason, HKS quality can't be matched and the sound is out of this world!

Manufacturer Description

For the high 800-1000 horsepower range applications, HKS offers the Racing Muffler system. Constructed of 102mm diameter -high-luster polished- SUS 304 stainless steel piping and a 170mm Titanium muffler assembly, the Racing Muffler is the lightest system (40% lighter than the already race inspired Hi-Power Exhaust system) and the highest flowing exhaust system HKS has to offer. The muffler utilizes a slip-on/latch design that mates the polished stainless steel piping and the lightweight titanium Muffler assembly. All Racing Muffler systems incorporate a 115mm-diameter tip and include a removable baffle insert for pit area use.