HKS Legamax R35 GT-R Exhaust // Tig Weld

$3,380.00 $2,873.00

SKU: 31021-AN010

Legamax Premium mufflers offer the performance benefits of a sports muffler with the class and elegance of a premium muffler. Every tail pipe design is customised per application to ensure that muffler has impact and becomes a focal point in the appearance of the vehicle, yet blends with the overall design of the car. Legamax Premium mufflers are constructed of SUS304 grade stainless steel to give a high lustre finish which is durable. Some applications also incorporate the latest automotive fashion trends by featuring titanium tail tips which adds to the premium appearance with its distinct look.


  • Mufflers - Legamax Premium 
  • Tig welded design 
  • SUS304 material 
  • 4 x 119mm burnt Titanium tips 
  • 85 mm center pipe 
  • 1 db sound level increase at idle 
  • 120mm road clearance with stock suspension