Haltech TH400 (Reid Case) Transmission Selector Position Kit HT-011229


SKU: HT-011229
Haltech TH400 (Reid Case) Transmission Selector Position Kit

Part Number: HT-011229

Suits: TH400 (Reid Case) transmissions Note: Bracket is designed to suit TH400 Reid case transmissions, but may fit other brand / transmissions. Works with Elite, Nexus series ECUs, iC-7 Digital Displays, also other aftermarket stand-alone ECUs.

Includes: 1 x Mounting Bracket 2 x 5/16 x 1/2" Mounting Bolts 2 x #8-32 x 3/4" Nylon Mounting Bolts 2 x #8-32 Nylock Nuts 1 x HT-011201 Linear Position Sensor - 50mm Travel

Notes: With this kit fitted, the gear position can be displayed on a digital dash (like the iC-7) giving the driver immediate notification of the gear change and position. This in turn allows the tuner to map and implement various gear-based strategies from idle control, boost control to starter motor lockout or reverse light activation.

Ideal for racers who want to log and analyse linear position of moving components like suspension travel, steering angle or gearbox position
  • Ingress Protection Rating - IP65