T1 Race and Development - GT1R Air / Oil Separator



T1 Race and Development - GT1R Air / Oil Separator

The Problem

Even in the stock configuration you’ll find the turbo inlets and intake runners with a nice film of oil on them.   While this ensures your aluminum compressor wheels don’t rust, it does nothing beneficial for performance!  Oil in the intake tract will lead to oil deposits on valves, an oil film on the inside of the intercooler that affects cooling efficiency, and if bad enough, can potentially cause detonation.  This problem gets compounded when horsepower is increased, engines are rebuilt with looser clearances (from forged pistons), ethanol fuels are used which hurts ring seal, etc.  As you increase the amount of air coming out of the engine from blowby, you also increase the amount of oil carried out with it.  In the GTR, this usually results in an oil spraying blow off valve and a messy engine bay, along with the mentioned negative affects.

The Solution

We designed the AOS with detailed internal passages and a two stage separation system. The first separates the larger oil droplets from the air and the second stage separates the remaining smaller droplets from the air.  The result is a fully recirculated maintenance free system, with no oil smell.  The oil that is extracted is returned back to the engine so you never have to worry about emptying a can or an overflowing can emptying itself into your turbo inlets and engine bay.  Systems that don’t recirculate will emit a smell that your climate control system will recirculate into the car, that doesn’t exist in the stock form or with our system.

The kit consists of a 3 piece CNC AOS, anodized black and engraved with the GT1R logo.  The AOS is sealed with Viton o-rings and all ports are AN o-ring boss ports.  We include a 6AN check valve in the bottom of the AOS to allow oil to drain back and stop crankcase pressure from feeding the AOS from the bottom, where it’s designed to drain.  The AOS is mounted to the engine using supplied stainless steel hardware and a CNC aluminum mounting bracket.  A complete installation kit is included with pre-assembled lines using Redhorse Products black anodized crimp hose ends and black AN hose.   Following the supplied instructions, installation can be done in less than 2 hours by a first time installer with a few basic tools, including the oil drainback system.

For installation instructions please follow the link below: