GSC Power-Division 2JZ-GTE VVTi R2 Billet Camshaft Set

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SKU: 7031R2
GSC Power-Division 2JZ-GTE VVTI R2 Billet Camshaft Set

The R2 cams are designed for those running large single turbos, larger than 76mm. These cams will not have bottom end losses over our S2 cams; nothing but gains will be seen and will promote great peak power gains. Designed for a rev range of 4500-9000 RPMs. These cams require an upgraded valve spring set such as our Conical Spring kits (GSC5064 or GSC5066) along with shimless buckets/tappets and head clearancing for lift.

  • 1500-1800 WHP camshaft set 
  • Rougher than stock idle
  • It is necessary to clearance the cylinder head casting to allow for the R2 profile to rotate in the VVTi cylinder head
  • Please maintain .02"/ .5mm min clearance from the cylinder head casting
7031R2 ADV Duration Duration @ 0.040" Peak Lift Center Line
Intake 278° 242° 11.30mm Variable
Exhaust 278° 240° 11.30mm 118°