GSC Power-Division Billet Toyota 2JZ-GTE R2M Camshafts Set

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SKU: 7030R2M
GSC Power-Division Billet Toyota 2JZ-GTE R2M Camshafts Set

Part # 7030R2M

The R2M cams are designed for those running methanol and single turbos larger than 80mm. These camshafts are not for daily drivers, they are engineered for race only setups in the 2,000 to 3,000hp range who are capable of running 6 second passes. They are designed for a power-band range of 6,000-10,000 RPM's. These cams require upgraded valve springs set such as our Conical Spring Kit (GSC5066) along with shim-less buckets/tappets. Head clearancing for the high lift of the camshaft's lobes is also required. (Full porting highly recommended).
  • It is necessary to clearance the cylinder head casting to allow for the R2M profile to rotate in the 2JZ-GTE Cylinder Head
  • Please maintain .02"/ .5mm min clearance from the cylinder head casting
  • 2000+ WHP capable
7030R2M ADV Duration Duration @ 0.040" Peak Lift Center Line
Intake 278° 242° 11.30mm 110°
Exhaust 294° 252° 11.35mm 118°