GSC Power-Division 2JZ-GTE R2M Billet Camshaft Set

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SKU: 7030R2M
GSC Power-Division Billet R2M cams for the Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE. The R2M cams are designed for those running Methonal on large 80mm+ single turbos. These cams are not for the daily driver, they are ment for 6 sec quartermile setups. Designed for a rev range of 6000-10000 RPMs. These cams require an upgraded valve spring set such as our Conical Spring kits (GSC5066) along with shimless buckets/tappets and head clearancing for lift to go along with a ported head.
  • It is necessary to clearance the cylinder head casting to allow for the R2M profile to rotate in the 2JZ-GTE cylinder head
  • Please maintain .02"/ .5mm min clearance from the cylinder head casting
  • 2000+ WHP capable
7030R2M ADV Duration Duration @ 0.040" Peak Lift Center Line
Intake 278° 242° 11.30mm 110°
Exhaust 294° 252° 11.35mm 118°