Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Nissan GT-R R35 3" - 4" Y-Pipe / Midpipe

$895.00 – $1,895.00

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Twin Resonators
Single Resonator
Standard High Flow Cat
GESI High Flow Cat
2 Bolt
SKU: 300-10-EXH-04

Increase spool time and torque by free up some backpressure in your GTR with a ETS 3"-4.0" Y-Pipe

This Y-pipe is for use with stock downpipes or 3.0" 2 bolt downpipes.

We have multiple resonator and cat options, this allows you to dictate the sound of your car with the replacement of just this Y-pipe.

We also give you an option for the 4.0" flange for the rear section of the exhaust. This is dependent on what flange your mid pipe has.