Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Toyota Supra Intercooler Piping Kit 1993-1998


$509.00 $530.00


This ETS MK4 Intercooler piping kit is a must have for anyone planning on turning up the boost. It eliminates a great amount of restriction from the stock piping and greatly assists in keeping intake air temperatures low. Whether you are on the factory twin turbo set up or that big single turbo we make a piping route to fit your application.

- 3.0" Piping
- Stainless Steel
- Wrinkle Black powder coating


  • Just wondering how soon these would ship out after purchase. trying to decide if i just jump in on the whole kit with the ic but i was told sometimes you dont have this in stock and take 3 weeks to make them.

This is incorrect, we often shelf stock and piping and cooler will ship the day after purchase. If we have to build it, it only take 2-3 days max after purchase. BUT, if you select anodizing on your intercooler it can add up to 2-3 weeks to the build time because that is outsourced.

  • Is it possible to have the piping raw? Would that play a part in pricing also?

We can do raw unbrushed piping, simply specify that in the "order notes" and we will accommodate. However, it does not effect pricing.

  • Does this piping work with PHR Dual High-Performance Spal Fan Kit?

We haven't test fitted the kit with that fan setup but there could be some interference with the pipe coming off the intake manifold.