Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Twin Gate Exhaust Manifold


T4 Twin Scroll (Divided)
T4 Single Scroll (Open)
T4 V-Band Inlet
SKU: 900-10-MANI-03

ETS is proud to release the Supra manifold for the 2JZGTE Supra. This manifold is setup to run any S-Cover or H-Cover turbocharger from Precision. Ranging from the PT58 to the PT76 turbocharger as well as the Garrett turbocharger line up to the 45R with 42R compressor cover. The GT47 will require a different manifold which we can build if requested. The GT47 kit will also require a custom water neck.

The ETS 2JZGTE manifold has been optimized for ideal exhaust flow with minimal back pressure.  The manifold is currently only available in twin 44mm wastegate configuration  The turbo flange can be setup for single scroll or twin scroll.  This manifold is ideal for setups between 450whp to 1500whp.


  • Low angle merge collector (Smooth exhaust flow)
  • Machined surfaced flanges (leak free)
  • T4 Twin Scroll
  • Twin 44/46mm wastegate configuration
  • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects or cracking.